What is healthy?

Lot’s of people don’t have a clue of what’s healthy. People – and especially marketers of companies and journalists – tell all kind of things that are not based on proper investigation. On the other hand scientists do investigate but have often different outcomes. That makes it hard to understand what’s healthy and what isn’t. The similarities of research in the field of healthy living seem to me to be a good starting point. These are:

  • Drink enough water, at least 8-10 glass of water every day.
  • Exercise regularly. The more exercise, the better. Do at least an hour of moderately intense exercise every day, such as hiking, cycling and swimming. Longer, more often of more intensive exercise is still healthier.
  • Eat mainly plant-based food such as vegetables, legumes, fruit, mushrooms, vegetable milk, oil, nuts
  • Avoid – as much as you can – processed meat such as smoked, salted, dried or canned meat
  • Avoid smoking and smoking areas
  • Limit salt and alcohol
  • Ensure relaxation every day and a good night’s sleep

On this website I want to inspire you to live healthier and more meaningful. Well-being is about feeling good physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Physically is about where you can eat mainly healthy, exercise and/or relax
Mentally is about getting a positive feeling of what is offered. Are the people kind, attentive and interested?
Socially is about caring for each other and the society
Spiritually is about the mission and vision. Do they contribute to better lives and a better world?