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Sharing: the best way to multiply well-being

Two know more than one

The more we share, the more we know, the more we get inspired to WOW (Work On Well-being). Sharing is the best way to multiply well-being! What places, professionals, organizations, events and ways do you know that contribute to more well-being in Greater Pattaya? You can contribute simply by filling in this form, calling (096 265 3501), apping, lining or dropping by (Dharawadi Village 118/18 Moo 1, Na Jomtien). Welcome!

It’s all about the whole picture

Everything’s connected. A restaurant, for example, is not only judged on the
food. Of course, the food should be well prepared and preferably healthy,
excellent is not necessary. In fact, food that is called ‘excellent’ is often not
very healthy and increases the risk of diseases. In restaurants also the
atmosphere, service, environment, policy and contribution to the society count.
An example of this is Cabbages & Condoms which has a huge positive impact on the
lives of many. Therefore this restaurant and resort is nominated as ‘Best
restaurant’ , ‘Best Charity’ and ‘Best resort’.

We assume at least 75% of what is proposed contributes to well-being. That means that there are 3 times more positive things to say than negative ones.

Sharing can be done by both the owner and ones with the good experiences by filling in this form. Need inspiration? Look at A la campagne, HealtHut, Human Help Network, Sympassion

If you are the owner we would also like to know:

  • your vision on people and nature
  • your mission and core values

Do you need some help to answer the questions? We are happy to interview you and put the answers on paper.

Any questions or comments? Mail (, app (+ 66 (0) 9 6265 3501), line or Best of Pattaya | Facebook. If you have good pictures and if you want to share these, we would love to receive them as well.

Do you want to do more? Become part of our WOW-team!

More is needed to set up and promote ‘Best of Pattaya’ properly, such as further developing the concept, interviewing people, writing texts, translating, making photos, appearing in photos, graphic design, building a website, online activities, etc.  Do you want to share more time with us and contribute to this? Become part of our WOW-team.

What’s in it for you?

The more you share, the more you mean to yourself and others. The well-being of many goes up. Locals are given more opportunities to develop and work better and healthier. Expats and tourists get more involved and inspired. We all become healthier and happier and get more quality in our lives. When everyone becomes happier also the reputation of Pattaya gets better.

For the time being everything is voluntary and free for everyone. Our eyes are primarily focused on creating added value for all of us. Once we’ve proven ourselves, we will allow sponsors and paid services so we are able to give locals a paid job. Those who participate now are most entitled to this, of course.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Loving regards,



Alexandra Augustijn
Initiator ‘Best of Pattaya’
Well-being architect & marketer

m . + 66 (0) 9 6265 3501
f.    Best of Pattaya | Facebook
a.   Dharawadi Village 118/18
      Moo 1