Sanctuary of Truth

Laem Ratchavej, Ao Wong Prachan, Naklua Sub-district
206/2 Moo 5 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Banglamung Chonburi 20150
038 -110653 website

The Sanctuary of Truth on the edge of the Gulf of Thailand in Pattaya may absolutely not be missed on this website. Besides it is a impressive, unique wooden ‘castle’ full of woodcarving, they tell an important truth. At the Sanctuary of Truth the truth of life is told through wood carvings. Construction started in 1981. Work is still ongoing. That makes it even more special; you see the craftsmen at work.

Contribution to well-being


The truth is that we are all born from the same source regardless of our ethnicity, religion and status. We all die. We are nothing more than a tiny speck of dust on Earth. It is not possible to take anything with us, leaving only goodness and what we have done for society and future generations. Realizing the truth can help you become more conscious of life and look at everyone equally and treat others equally.


The Scanctuary of Truth was built by Khun Lek-Khun Praphai Viriyaphan. (1914). He travelled and devoted to earn knowledge and understanding of national arts, religions, philosophies and cultures. He saw the problems of today’s society in turmoil, including economic conditions and the desire of materialism. He wants the world to be far from selfish and wants humans to live together in peace. He believes that through arts and preservation of cultures we could make the world better by become more aware of the truth. He sees life as a coin with two sides: good and bad. What you choose is related to your behaviour.

Lek Viriyahphan reflects his philosophies with creative architectural building arts such as the Erawan Museum. He shows that a society with different cultures can be one by doing good deeds. Isn’t that what every religion teaches its followers?

The true joy of life is goodness to fellow humanity. With 5 missions that everyone should fulfill. as follows:

  1. Set your mind to the ground. It conveys a commitment to good deeds and peace.
  2. Search for the ultimate science of past sages. Learn about the reality of life, who we are, where we come from, how we live.
  3. Live for humanity, to convey the kindness that can help others.
  4. Create eternal peace by doing good deeds and becoming immortal
  5. It is a fusion of the four virtues above. It will lead society to peace.


The construction started in 1981 and is still unfinished. Craftsmen are working every day to work on the structure. It gets more beautiful and impressive every day even more beautiful.

The structure is all hardwood, including redwood, teng, golden teak, takian, and national wood. No metal nails clamps are used, but traditional wood fastening techniques. The roof is stacked on four sides, and the roof tops are the Prang symbol. There are floating sculptures, symbols of the gods standing on the tops of all four directions. The building is decorated with contemporary architecture, Rattanakosin, influenced by India, Yum, China and Thailand.

The west hall, forming the four elements, earth, water, wind, fire, is the birthplace of all things.

The south hall, the stars and the sun-moon, influence the environment and way of life. It affects things, causing evolution and behavior on Earth.

Central Hall Mahabharaba enshrines the relics as a symbol of the emptiness of the universe or nirvana.

The north hall represents the sculptures and beliefs of Taoism-Confong zhi that represent the noble virtues of bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism.

East Hall Mom and Dad (Gratitude Knows You) Who made a living with love, kindness, care for their children and daughters. The love of parents is great and pure, because it only gives no hope.