Protect yourself against pollution

Dr. Apiradee Sukkharom, M.D., Otolaryngologist, of Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, spoke about the impact of air pollution in Pattaya and what you personally can do about it at the Pattaya City Expact Club. She said that yearly zeven million people die worldwide due to exposure from air pollution. Two million of them are in Southeast Asia. The major sources of air pollutants are: vehicular emissions in cities, biomass burning and transboundary haze from industrialized zones. Pollutants like NO2, SO2 and CO2 enter the body through inhalation by the nose and the mouth and can cause throat and lung irritations, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and heart diseases. Dr. Apiradee’s advices are:

  • use a high quality face mask when the air is unhealthy. You can check the air quality with apps like Airvisual air quality forecast . It gives you an insight in how good or bad the air is where you are.
  • stay inside and close doors and windows
  • install an air purifier
  • live healthy; the healthier you live, the stronger you and your immune system become

Also according to dr. Apiradee a healthy lifestyle means sleep 6 till 8 hours a day, excercise, eat mainly fruit and vegetables and drink enough water.

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