Imagine a happy and healthy life. You feel full of energy and success and have less worry, stress and risk of serious diseases. The number of people who are stressed, depressed, overweighted or seriously ill due to unhealthy behavior has doubled in Thailand over the past twenty years. Don’t let that happen to you. And if you don’t feel very happy and healthy at the moment, start improving your life now. How? Simply by making more sensible – happier and healthier – choices out of LOVE for yourself, others and your environment. We call this: LIVE LOVE.

LIVE LOVE program

Every day you make hundreds of choices from what you think, who you hang out with to what you do. Every choice affects your health and happiness. The better something feels physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, the better the choice. Do you want a happier and healthier life? Choose the LIVE LOVE program and get inspired and support to make more sensible choices with LOVE. The program consists of 4 parts:

1 – become aware of what and who you LOVE

2 – feel what you VALUE

3 – think of what you NEED for what you LOVE & VALUE

4 – do what is NEEDed to achieve what you LOVE & VALUE


This will help you choose a career, relationships, and lifestyle that will keep you happy and healthy.


The program is based on 20 years of (scientific) research and life experiences and buddhism wisdom. About the insights Alexandra Augustijn, initiator of best of Pattaya, has written a 100 pages workbook ‘LIVE LOVE‘ in English and a 358 pages book ‘The Happiness Economy‘ in Dutch (De Gelukseconomie ISBN 9789402189957). When we all do more with common sense and out of LOVE, we build a happiness economy where supply and demand are based on increasing well-being.


If you often don’t LIVE with LOVE, there is a good chance that you will develop stress and other problems such as depression, high blood pressure and overweight. Why? It is frustrating not to do what you LOVE. Frustrating people easily become addicted to short-term pleasures such as smoking, eating unhealthy, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, having sex without love, looking for likes on social media, etc. The LIVE LOVE program makes you aware of the impact of what you think and do, what you value and what you need to sustainably improve your health and happiness. Do you want that?

Welcome to the LIVE LOVE program. Welcome to the first day of a better life!

The program is meant for young people to find a career path that

Contact Alexandra Augustijn (line what’s app, phone) 096 265 3501 or mail for more information.

With LOVE,

Alexandra Augustijn