website terminal 21 shopping centre

In Terminal 21 you will find several shops with handmade Thai products such as Kunjara. These are eco shoes made from natural materials such as cotton and jute. I have them myself and they are very comfortable. They also look great. I wear them almost every day. Since they cost only 590 baht (circa 15 euro), you can easily have one with every outfit. They have various designs. I love them and …

handmade with love

Kunjara shoes
Kunjara shoes and Sati clothes
Various designs
Kunjara Boys 10 & 11 (nick names)

Their whole family is in business. They come Bangkok where they produce the shoes and have shops as well.

Next to the Kunjara shop you will find Sati clothes, cotton women’s and children’s clothes, handmade by their sister. I love this one too. The material feels nice and soft and the clothes are very comfortable to wear.