Kun Ying Hydropnic Farm

At Kun Ying Farm they grow eight types of hydroponic salads: green and red oak, green and red coral, butterhead, green cos, Frille Iceberg and Red Batavia. The farm cooperates with Avani Pattaya Resort. It has adopted a few happy chickens that roam free supplying fresh eggs for breakfast every day. Featuring over 22,000 plants including rocket, microgreens, Swiss chard and Chinese kale, the farm meets 40% of Avani restaurants’ daily needs with the rest is contributed to the local restaurants and Pattaya communities.

A tour of the Hydroponic Farm gives guests an insight into sourcing farm-to-table, organic produce that forms the basis of local cuisine. Aspiring chefs can then join a cooking class and whip up a delicious meal to enjoy with friends and family.

Do it yourself

At the farm you pick your own salads. They also inform you how to grow your own vegetables. Avani Pattaya Resort and Kun Ying Farm have combined their years of expertise in hydroponic farming to share “do-it-yourself” home farming tips. They found that the best plants to grow in a hydroponic system are Chinese kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, rocket and microgreens. Avani Pattaya Resort has also prepared a quick crash course video on how to start your own DIY Hydroponics, please follow https://youtu.be/oHqv2OgTpd8 to see the video.


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