Folks & flour bakery & restaurant


Artisan bakery inspired by France

We love the hearty wholemeal bread that is baked here on the spot. From the shop you can see the small bakery behind a window. The owner is trained by a French baker and you can taste it. Our favorite is the walnut bread. In addition, croissants – with and without almond ice cream – applepie and quiches are baked that are perhaps even tastier than in France itself. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in a small restaurant with a French atmosphere.

Contribution to well-being


Opinions about how healthy bread are, are divided. If you like to eat bread, eat fiber-rich bread. Those are most of the breads that Folks & flour make here. They are also enriched with healthy ingredients such as walnuts.


The people here work from their hearts. When a certain loaf of bread is finished, they think along how they can still satisfy you. Often there is still bread in the oven and you can wait for it. We have done this a few times while enjoying a delicious cup of cappuccino.

We all want something sweet sometimes. We believe that it will be fine if you eat and drink at least 75% healthy. If you want to sin, then sin here. Their croissants, apple tarts, quiches and ice cream are really delicious.