Best ways

What are your ways to increase well-being? Share your vision and ideas via or use this form. Sharing is multiplying happiness! I believe that no one always does 100% the right and positive things. We all use fossil resources, are in a bad or lazy mood sometimes and do unhealthy things sometimes like drinking alcohol, eating fast food and sweets. Me too! While I am a big supporter of a healthy lifestyle, I too make mistakes and sometimes regret the things I do.

At least 75% right

I strive for at least 75% of the things I think and do contribute to greater well-being. By well-being, I mean physically, mentally, socially and spiritually feeling good. On this website I want to bring all the best of Pattaya together. The best means in my eyes at least 75% of what there is should contribute to well-being. Why 75%?

Scientifically proven

Scientists such as professor positive and social psychology Barabara Fredrickson) has proven that if you have at least 75% positive emotions you build on your overall well-being. increases (broaden and build theory).

Everything is interconnected.

The healthier you eat, the better you feel mentally, socially and spiritually. Why? Healthy eating gives you an energy boost and the desire to contribute to positive things. You have a much wider field of view and think in opportunities and possibilities. If you don’t eat healthy yet, with a positive spirit you become more aware of interconnection. Also your social environment has a big influence on your eating habits.

75% right? You belong on the best of Pattaya!

If you kwow of or are the owner of a place, a company or an other organization that do at least 75% the right things, let me know. I have collected already quite a few examples on this website like A la Campagne, Human Help Network , Kunjara, Viharn Sien, Khao Mai Kaeo, Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary, Health Hut, the green Corner, Rotary Club of Pattaya, Sai Keaw beach, Na Jomtien beach