Art & culture

Art inspires a! Art encourages you to look deeper and look broader. It stimulates your senses and makes you more innovative, creative and tolerant. Art activates your brain and stimulates your body to produce happiness hormones. Art also has a positive influence on people who are ill and reduces the risk of diseases such as dementia. This is all shown by scientific research. There is a lot of art in greater Pattaya. What us inspires the most:

Sanctuary of truth

Sanctuary of truth is one the major attractions in greater Pattaya. It is a must because of the impressive architecteur with carvings and the truth that is told. The truth is that we are all born from the same source regardless of our ethnicity, religion or status. We are nothing more than a speck of dus on Earh. Read more

Big Buddha Phra Tamnak hill

On the very top of Pra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya, there is an enormous 18 metre tall Buddha. This Big Buddha – the largest in the region – is the highlight of Wat Phra Yai, a temple built in the 1940s when Pattaya was nothing more than a fishing village. Local people come and pray here. At the top there are more buddha’s. It is attached to Chaloem Phrakiat Park and close to the Peace monument. Read more.

Golden Buddha Mountain

Big Buddha is sometimes confused with the Golden Buddha mountain. This is situated south of Pattaya near the Silverlake. It’s 100 metres high and 70 metres broad. Read more

Viharn Sien

The Chinese museum Viharn Sien means ‘House of the Gods’ is a beautiful Chinese temple now in use as a museum. It consists of a three story central building and a number of pavilions. This museum is one of the best places in Asia outside China to see some priceless and rare Chinese art and antiques. Read more

ART for sale

On the Sukhumvit road in Jomtien – next to Watsadu – is a large art gallery where you can buy wooden and stone works of art inspired by Buddhism. A lot of art comes from the Chiang Mai area. Near Baan & Beyond next to the big C on the Sukhumvit road are a few small art shops. One does reproductions of famous paintings like ‘The Kiss’ of Gustav Klimmt, another one Tara home decor does art from India, Bali and Africa. Read more.

What are your favorite artful and cultural places in greater Pattaya? Share your experiences.