The Green Corner
website t. 087 604 0107
469/14 Moo 10 Soi 15 Thappaya road Pattaya

Fresh vegetables from farm to your home

The Green Corner is a small company founded in Covid time by Aman Narang. Like many others, she became unemployed. To survive, she brainstormed about what to do to make some money again. Because she has good contacts with farms and the fact people have to stay at home as much as possible, the idea arose to start a home delivery service for vegetables. From the farm straight to the houses of the people. As there is no middleman, prices can be kept low.

Contribution to well-being


Health is wealth. That especially counts in this Covid period. We have learned the importance of healthy eating. The better you eat, the stronger your immune system becomes. The Green Corner wants to contribute to your health by motivating you to eat more vegetables.


Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Besides eating them at your meals, you can make tasty delicious smoothies with them. Soon we – best of Pattaya – will provide you with some great recipes. The Green Corner brings vegetables to your home straight from the farms. Confortable and without any risk of contamination.

The fruits are not on the list below as they only deliver saeson fruits. You order by sending a what’s app or line to 087 604 0107 with the name + amount of the veggies and fruits you like. Your order today is delivered tomorrow or any other day you want. Fast, safe and easy.


Farm fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable and good prices available door to door one call or msg away. Feels good!