Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC)

PILC is for ladies from all over the world who live in Pattaya. I am a member myself and I must say: the meetings are always very pleasant. They also raise money for charities. In the photo above, many members bought the beautiful bags and sun hats from Human Help Network, an NGO that cares for vulnerable and poor children in Greater Pattaya.

Contribution to well-being


PILC wants to contribute to a positive experience in Pattaya by organizing social, cultural and philanthropic activities.  As a member you easily make new friends and – if you are interested – can do some voluntary work. Some of the members are involved in NGO’s as Tamar Center, Human Help Center,

Children of Children Protection and Development Center (CCPD/ HHN) perform a dance at Songkran at the Hilton PILC meeting.
Traditional Songkran Water Ceremony giving blessing and respect to their elders by the young – children of CCPD/ HHN

Lovely video about the Songkran dancing and water ceremony at Pattaya Hilton


At Pattaya International Ladies Club women care about each other and about the community. From the start I have felt very much welcome. I also love the welfare for needy families in the Pattaya area.


There are two meetings every month: a lunch and a coffee morning. The meetings always take place at different locations such as the Hilton and A’ la Campagne. Membership costs 1000 baht annually. You also pay for the activities in which you participate. You can register via