MOO CHUU flip flops

These slippers are absolutely amazing. You can design them yourself on the spot. Choose your own style and color sole and tires. I have them myself: pink sole with white crossed straps. Moreover, they are very comfortable and made of recyclable material. Because they don’t cost much – a few hundred baht – I even consider buying matching MOO CHUUs for every outfit.

Contribution to well-being


MOO CHUU wants you to have flip flops that make you feel really good. They do this by involving you in the design, using recylcable materials and producing them directly for you.


Who doesn’t love to have slippers that are completely your taste? At MOO CHUU you can largely design your slippers yourself. Feel good!


They are fun for children, young people and the elderly. You can wear them under your shorts, long pants, skirts and dresses and of course your beach outfit. I think it’s a great invention and nice for everybody!


The quality is good as well. I’ve had them for a few months now and they still look great and run great.

Shops in Pattaya
In Pattaya, I’ve seen MOO CHUU stores in Center Festival and Terminal 21. You pick your favorite colors and style and they’ll make them for you in minutes. This makes me very happy!