Khao Mai Kaeo

Pattaya jungle

Khao Mai Kaeo Reservation Park & Jungle is located in the east side of Pattaya. To get there take route 3240 and then Soi Kamnan Khiao which leads you to the parking lot of Khao Mai Kaeo Park.

The park is located on a small reservoir. This is nice to walk around and have a picnic. The park is well maintained. There are some picnic tables and water points. If you want more adventure, you go into the jungle. There are mountain and hiking trails with a total length of 29 kilometres. The paths are sometimes steep, narrow, rocky, sandy, overgrown and/or blocked with fallen trees. When it has recently rained they are also slippery. Therefore, put on good walking shoes and do not be afraid to get dirty.

You really get the jungle feeling here through the tropical trees and plants that are sometimes full of flowers or fruit like bananes. Sometimes you walk through dense vegetation, then you come to clearings with spectacular, mesmerizing views. It is a varied jungle with a very pleasant surprise: hardly no litter! However, there is no signage except some red flags here and there that indicate the paths and some signs with crosses where you should not go.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are cross motors that disturb the peace, otherwise you only hear the sounds of nature.

You easily can hike yourself into the jungle as long as you have google maps with you. Pattaya Bike and Boat Tours offer an organized hike tour.