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HealtHut believes that your body is the best doctor and healthy food the best medicine. The better you listen to your body, the more you feel what’s good for you and what’s not. You can achieve a better health without radically changing your eating habits. How? Use high-quality ingredients with more useful nutrients and to which your body responds well. HealtHut sells (also online!) 100% natural, vegetarian (95% vegan), gluten-free and non GMO (no pesticides) food, beverages and supplements. In addition, there are educational and coaching programs and materials about healthy eating and losing weight. HealtHut was founded by the Belgian Pascal Deville. If you come to HealtHut for the first time, you will be offered a small tasting of some of their products. What a surpise and sign of good service!

Contribution to well-being


Pascal and other nutritional and health experts wanted to find a simple and affordable solution for diseases that are caused by poor eating habits. They developed the Nutrition Club concept. This concept is based on healthy food, healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. We can stimulate and feed each other with knowledge, insights and experiences. That’s why a Health club has been set up.


The concept was first based on the use of food supplements and protein shakes, as well as a range of free services such as health check-ups and food education. From 2013 they started to produce its own range of healthy probiotics products such as Kefir yogurt, cottage cheese, humus, Kombucha. In addition they sell gluten free bakery products, flour, grains and seeds, dried fruits, teas, vegan products. All products are organic or 100% natural, vegetarian (100%) or vegan (95%), gluten free, non GMO and have a huge amount of beneficial nutrients.


Knowledge is power…. The better you know how your body works and what your body effects positively and what negatively, the more you want to eat the right things. HealtHut loves to share its knowledge about facts and impact of food. It also guide you to healthier nutritional habits and a healthier life. That’s badly needed. Our lifestyle has a major impact on our health and number of years you to live. 40% of premature deaths in western countries are (partly) caused by a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle (World Health Organisation). If you don’t eat healthy the consequences on the short term could be fatigue, stress, sleeping troubles, headaches, over(under)weight, muscles & joint pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, digestive problems, allergies, etcetera. If you eat unhealthy for a long time, the chances of diseases such as diabetes, heart- and respiratory diseases, cancer and premature death increases. Be more aware of …

  • Before Death comes Disease,
  • Before Disease come Symptoms
  • Before Symptoms comes true Health,
  • Where do YOU fit in?


HealtHut is not only selling healthy products, they also want to guide you to a better lifestyle. They offer a membership for only 500 baht per year. This gives you access to all their services and 10% discount on the shop. Feels good!

In the beginning mostly expats used the concept. Today more and more Thai people join. Thailand is dealing with a rapidly increasing number of people with obesity and other non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardio-visual diseases.

Thailand (source World Health Organization)

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