Cabbages & condoms (Birds & Bees)

Eat, enjoy and improve the world with humor

Cabbages and Condoms is a chain of restaurants and resorts with the aim of fighting poverty through birth control and improving well-being and education for all-in Thailand. It has branches all over Thailand and in the United Kingdom. The Pattaya branche is nestled in a tropical rainforestgarden on Hu-Kwang Bay, a tranquil, idyllic and clean beach with spectacular views. There are a good restaurant, cosy hotelrooms, great swimmingpools (one overlooking the sea) and a shop with condom related products. The restaurant is decorated with flowers, paintings and mannequins with outfits made of condoms.

Contribution to well-being


Staying and dining at Cabbages & Condoms’ resort ‘Birds & Bees’ is relaxing, meaningful and fun. Take a relaxed scroll throught the rainforestgarden and laugh at the quotes you see everywhere.

Every baht here is well spent. The food is good, the view amazing, the beach nice and clean and the thought of contributing to better lives makes you feel good.


Cabbages & condoms operates as a business for social progress. All profits support the Population & Community Development Association (PDA) and its programs in primary health, education, rural development, environmental conservation, water resource development and democracy. It started with promoting and distributing condoms free of charge in order to reduce the number of children per family. Between 1970 and 2000, the number of children in Thailand has decreased from 7 to 1.5 children on average per family. The man behind all of this is the Thai Mechai Viravaidya.


Cabbages & condoms want to contribute to social development and improvement of people’s quality life all over Thailand.

About Mechai Viravaidya

Mechai Viravaidya was born in 1941 in Bangkok to a Scottish mother and a Thai father. He obtained a bachelor of commerce degree in Australia and started to work in 1966 in family planning. Because of his belief of using condoms to decrease the number of children, he encouraged taxi drivers to hand out free condoms to their customers, organized blowing condom contests for children and founded ‘Cabbages and Condoms’. Since the 1970s, Mechai has been affectionately known as ‘Mr. Condom’. In 1973 he founded a non-profit service organization, the Population and Community Development Association (PDA). PDA is now the largest NGO in Thailand, with 600 employees and 12,000 volunteers. Donations came for instance from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($1,000,000)