Best to move

Exercise is healthy for everyone. The more you move the better it is. By exercising you reduce the risk of discomfort and illness. You can move in many ways such as dancing, swimming, hiking, cycling. Choosing what you like motivates you to exercise more often. Make exercise fun by, for example, meeting with others, going into nature, having a picnic together at the end of your efforts.


Dancing is one of the best activities for lowering blood pressure. It’s healthy, entertaining and fun. You move your whole body, it improves circulation and it helps to burn fat. Where can you dance? You can always dance at home. We are working on researching places where it is nice to dance. Do you have any tips in this area? Share your experiences.


There are many opportunities for swimming in the greater Pattaya. In addition to the sea, there are numerous swimming pools. Swimming is very healthy. You burn calories quickly, improve your condition, lower your blood pressure and make (painful) muscles flexible again. In the water you do not suffer from gravity and shock load which can cause muscle pain. Your muscles relax because of the movements you make in the water. Swimming is also mentally relaxing.



Cycling is not recommended in Pattaya city in our opinion. There are no cycle paths and traffic is often chaotic. Once you have crossed the Sukhumvit Road in the east, there are plenty of cycling opportunities. Cycle paths have been built around Lakes Map Phrachan and Silverlake. East of Sukhumvit is mainly rural area with hardly or not too much traffic. Most country roads are convenient to cycle on. Here you experience real Thai life. If you don’t have a bike and/or you an organized tour Pattaya Bike and Boat Tours organizes cycling tours along the coast line, around Map Phrachan and Silverlake and Khao Mai Kaeo.

Real Thai live

Here you have the feeling that time has stood still. Then you experience the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You come across farms, pineapple and banana plantations, palm trees, meadows, marshland, ponds, streams, shops and foodstalls, small houses, compounds, markets, Buddhist altars and wats. You smell see people farming, working, socializing, praying, smiling…

Smells and colors of Thailand

One time you smell the scent of incense, then the scent of flowers or the scent of food that seems to be prepared everywhere from early morning. Thai like brightening up their Buddhist symbols with color and flowers. Temples determine the appearance and can be seen from a great distance. You see altars everywhere, even if you don’t expect them. They sometimes appear surprisingly in a deserted place.

Rent a bike (if you don’t have any with you)

Northen part
In the north of Pattaya you can follow for instance the coastal line along Wong-Amat and Palm-Beach. Stop at the local fishing pier, walk across the fish market, cycle along the unknown through the China Town of Pattaya and visit the Sawang Boriboon Rescue Foundation. After you cross Sukhumvit road, you experience the countryside of Pattaya, where time seems to have stood still. Here you will see people work in the fields and in their houses and farms. You visit a Muay Thai boxing school founded by a very famous Thai professional boxer. You even can get boxing lessons here if you like.

Eastern part
They also have a bike tour starting in the eastern side Pong that takes you through the beautiful Silver Lake area. You start at

In this tour you will be picked up by car at your hotel and taken to the departing point of the tour in Pong. Immediately you will enter the beautiful area of Lake Chak Nok with mountains and the big golden Buddha Mountain in the background.

We stop to visit the Wat Yan Sangwararam and the Chinese temple Viharna Sien. This temple is built to celebrate one of the birthdays of the current king by the Chinese-Thai community and is now in use as a museum that is said to have a unique collection for any museum outside of China. Among other things you will find there as only museum not located in China a permanent display of some warriors from the famous Chinese Terracotta Army. Just outside the shrine you will get a nice refreshment before you go inside and enjoy all the special objects.

After that we cycle a bit further to have a lunch in a local restaurant. Here we store some new water and then we are off on the bicycle again.

After some more paddling through this unspoiled area we return to the home base, where we started. There your efforts will be rewarded with a cool drink before we take you back to the hotel.


Pattaya Bike and Boat Tours has a maximum of 8 persons per group.


Participants will learn about and see parts of the cultural background of Pattaya. Most of the route are on quiet and green country roads that are almost free of traffic.


They only use high quality bicycles such as Giant mountain bikes and Trek city bikes.