Best organizations

A good organization has in our eyes a clear vision of why they do what they do and cares about people and nature. What they do, comes from the heart. If the focus of your network, charity or commercial organization is increasing well-being of people inside and outside your organization and you care about our environment we would love to present your organization on this website.

There are currently no costs involved. All we ask is to answer our questions honestly.

You also may share organizations that are of great value for you.

We distinguish the following organizations:

Network organizations

We are all social creatures and love to meet other people. Which networks make you happy and inspired and for whom are they meant? Some networks we could recommend for foreigners are Pattaya Expat Club (PEC), Pattaya City Expats Club and Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC). There are also serviceclubs like the Rotary in Pattaya. Share the networks you love.


Our goal is to increase the well-being of everyone in Pattaya. Charities contribute to this to a large extent and we present them with great love on this website. There are organizations that focus on a specific target group such as orphans (Human Help Center and Father Ray), prostitutes (Tamar Center) or the disabled. And there are organizations that target on a specific area such as improving our environment (Pattaya Green) or social progress (Cabbages & Condoms).

Commercial organizations

There are of course also commercial organizations – companies – that work from the heart and really care about people and the environment. We have good experiences with the organizations below. If you know of other organizations you are happy with, share your experiences. Sharing is multiplying well-being.