Best food

What is the best food? The best food is often associated with great taste due to additives such as cream, butter, alcohol, salt and sugar. The taste can be great, physically it is not very healthy. For us the best food is based on fresh and healthy ingredients such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, mushrooms, nuts, fish.

Fresh food market Thep Prasit road Pattaya

Fresh from Patttaya

In Pattaya there are several fresh food markets. We recommend the big one at the Thep Prasit Road as they have all the fruits and vegetables you can think of, mostly straight from the farms in the area. There are also some farms in pattaya itself. On Mechai’s farm at Cabbages & Condoms resort and restaurant they teach underprivileged people about growing vegetables and fruit at the Kelly Lifelong Learning Center. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are served in the restaurant. In Na Jomtien there a farm at A la campagne. In greater Pattaya direction Silverlake you find organic and mushroom farms we LOVE.

Mechai farm is an oasis of peace between all hotels in Phra Tamnak Pattaya. Here underprivileged people are taught how to grow fruit and vegetables. The fresh products are used in the Cabbages & Condoms restaurant.

We do not say that you should not eat such food. It’s all about balance. To increase your well-being you better eat and drink at least 75% the healthy stuff. Eating healthier is very much needed. We see more and more people – including Thais – overweight and worse, obese. This is often the result of eating too much and/or unhealthy food. Many people are ignorant of what healthy eating is or are addicted to food. Loving yourself also means taking good care of yourself and thus eating and living healthy. LIVE LOVE and so eat and live healthy!

More and more lifestyle diseases in Thailand

Between 1990 and 2015 the number of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) like cardiovasculaire diseases, diabetes type 2, cancer and obesitas has more than doubled in Thailand. See the figures below. The Gross National Income has grown in this period from $ 710 to $ 5.710. It seems that there is a strong relationship between economical growth and unhealthy behaviour. Around 60 million people die yearly worldwide. Nearly 70% die from a NCD, three-quarters of them lived in low- and middle-income countries such as Thailand. NCDs are largely due to a unhealthy lifestyle based on mostly poor diet habits, insufficient physical activity, tobacco use and stress.


Source: World Health Organization


The World Health Organization WHO calls on everyone to eat and live healthier. The western countries have already set up better lifestyle programmes. Take a look at the figures of the Netherland and the USA. The number of Non Communicable Deaths stays stable although they have more deaths per 100.000 inhabitants than Thailand. If you look at the death rates worldwide, the western countries don’t do well in general. Non Communicable Diseases are the main cause. The good news: your lifestyle is in your own hands. If you care about your health and want to live longer, improve your lifestyle! LIVE LOVE and use a healthier diet because you are what you eat…