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The best of Pattaya is an initiative of the Duch Alexandra Augustijn. She is a well-beingarchitect and support people individually and in companies to increase their well-being. In co-creation with other well-beingexperts she developped the WOW-lifestyle. Working On Well-being (WOW!) is not something you can do from time to time. It’s a lifestyle based on doing the right thing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. She recently live with her husband in Na Jomtien near Pattaya and will stay here for 3 years.

Alexandra Augustijn

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If you have any questions and comments, need any support in increasing well-being in your life, community or organization and/or you want to join the WOW-team, call, email, app, line or drop by.


Loving regards,

Alexandra Augustijn
Initiator ‘Best of Pattaya’
Well-being architect & marketer

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