Best companies

Which companies work from the heart and really care about people and the environment? We have good experiences with the companies below. If you know of other companies you are happy with, share your experiences. Sharing is multiplying well-being.

Contribution to well-being

The best companies in our eyes contribute to a better physical, mental, social and spiritual condition. That is why we ask by default about the contributions in these areas. If you want your company to be presented on this website, tell us what you contribute to the lives of people:






What are your favorite places to eat, stay and go out? Where do you really feel at home? Places we can recommend from the heart are for instance A’ la Campagne and Cabbages & Condoms.

Beauty care

Who doesn’t want to look good? Looking good boosts your confidence and appearance. Just don’t overdo it. Stay yourself. Where do you get honest advice and are you well helped for a good price?

Takashi in Mike Shopping Mall has very professional and affordable facials. Which beauty salons could you recommend? 

Which hairdressers could you recommend?

Health care

Spa & massages
There are hundreds of places in Pattaya where you can get a massage. Massage is a profession that not every masseur understands. They are simply not (well) trained. Although the intention is good, damage can be done to your body. As the demand for quality grows, the number of massage salons with professional masseurs grows. An example is Health Land with two branches in Pattaya. Also nice: you don’t pay much more here than on the street. Which massage salons can you recommend? Share your experiences.

Private clinics

Absolute Health is a private regenerative and preventive clinic. 


Which dental practices can you recommend and why?