Art & culture

Art inspires a! Art encourages you to look deeper and look broader. It stimulates your senses and makes you more innovative, creative and tolerant. Art activates your brain and stimulates your body to produce happiness hormones. Art also has a positive influence on people who are ill and reduces the risk of diseases such as dementia. This is all shown by scientific research. Some of the places that inspire us are some of the major attractions like the Sanctuary of truth and Boeddha mountain. Besides that we are impressed by the Chinese museum Viharn Sien, Wat Yansangwararam and the unknown art gallery just before Baan Beyond. This art gallery makes beautiful reproductions of famous artwork such as ‘The Kiss’ of Gustav Klimmt. Because of their personal touch it is perhaps even more appealing than the real work. Alexandra Augustijn saw the real ‘The Kiss’ in Vienna, took some pictures of it and put them next to each other. Which one do you like better?

What are your favorite artful and cultural places in greater Pattaya? Share your experiences.