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The best of Pattaya is an initiative of the Duch Alexandra Augustijn. She is a well-beingarchitect and guides people individually and in companies and communities to more well-being and happiness. Why? The better everyone feels, the better everything functions and the more meaningful we all are. The results: better lives, better organizations, better world.

Knowledge, motivation and sympathy are the keyfactors to well-being

Well-being is all about knowledge, motivation and sympathy. What do you know about what makes you happy? What do you want? What and who do you care for? The more you know about what motivates you and gives you joy and energy, the more you do what you love. What you love comes from your heart and is fullfilled with passion. The more you do what you love, the more you become the real YOU!

Be YOU & do GOOD

Passionate people get the best out of themselves. With passion you can also work on something that is bad for others and/or the environment. For example, think of all the unhealthy stuff that is produced and sold everywhere. Many people and often animals are involved and suffer. People are often unaware of the negative impact they cause. On the otherhand: nobody does only positive things. Alexandra motivates you to do GOOD from your heart and helps you to make a balanced sympathetic, positive contribution to the life of others and the environment. Therefore her company is called Sympassion.

She wrote a book about increasing well-being (the happiness economy) and developed in co-creation the WOW lifestyle: Working OWell-being physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

She recently live with her husband in Na Jomtien near Pattaya and will stay here for 3 years. They have 5 children who live in the Netherlands and will visit as soon as possible.

Contribution to well-being


Every living being comes to earth to grow. The better the well-being, the better it grows. That applies to us and to any other organism. Human well-being is determined by the physical, mental, social and spiritual condition. Everything and everyone is interconnected and dependent on each other. If we think and act healthier, then both we and other organisms become healthier. Smile to someone, the other person responds usually with a smile as well. If you eat healthy, you influence also others to do so. Do you pay much attention to your garden, your garden is flourishing. So it is with everything and everyone. Everything that receives positive attention grows and flourishes. If you do the positive, the consequences are almost always positive. If you don’t act positively, the consequences are usually not positive either. Ancient Buddhist Wisdom.

Every thought and every behavior have an effect on your well-being and often that of other organisms. Positive or negative. You make hundreds of choices every day. What are the effects of your choices? Are you motivated to feel and do better? Welcome to WOW!


You’re what your thoughts make of it. Your thoughts lead to behaviour and your behaviour to consequences. We all come across unpleasant events, failures, nasty behaviour. You can feel sorry for yourself and others or see the happening as a possibility to learn and grow. It all starts with the question ‘WHY’. Why do you think what you think? What are the effects of what you think? Do you want more positive effects? Step out of your vicious circle into the golden circle of happiness.


Why do you do, what you do? Do you feel good about it? Is it healthy for you physically? The majority of people in the world currently die from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. WHY? Partly because they don’t live healthy. Do you want to live longer and better? Choose for a healthy lifestyle.

Organizations also benefit from greater well-being of their employees, customers and suppliers. The more an organization invests in well-being, the stronger the bond with the organization and the less people get ill. Organizations can also contribute to greater well-being by making their products, processes, PR and communication and places healthier and more sustainable. Alexandra is also a marketer and likes to share her knowledge, insights and ideas in this area.


Sharing is multiplying happiness. We all want to be part of a community, to be loved and to be meaningful. The more you share, the more you mean to others. Feeling meaningful is a great feeling. Do you want to feel more meaningful? Share! Share your time, love, feelings, knowledge, experiences, insights, etcetera. The more you share from your heart, the more others will share from their heart as well. That enriches us all.