Share in the best of Pattaya

Sharing is multiplying well-being

I believe that everything that get’s attention grows. That is why I want to highlight all the positive in Greater Pattaya.

What’s positive?

Everything that contributes to well-being is positive. The more something comes from the heart, the better the quality and the greater the contribution to well-being. From the heart things are done with love, passion and care.

Sharing is multiplying happiness

With ‘Best of Pattaya’ I want to share and inspire you what comes from the heart in Pattaya. Because… sharing is mulitplying well-being and… increasing peace in your heart!

Peace ART made by children of Pattaya

Peace in your heart

Peace in your heart means feeling good about what you think, do and have. You live in harmony with yourself and your environment. Pattaya has been declared PEACE city since 2006 by the Rotary Club of Pattaya. This club promote peace ever since and has recently organized a PEACE art contest for children. I am impressed by the quality of the ART work. Have a look yourself : Peace ART made by the children of Pattaya

Let’s share together!

Two know more than one. The more we share, the more we know. May I invite you to share what you think is good and positive in Pattaya? Sharing is multiplying happiness. I am proud to post your contribution on this website. I can also interview you about what you want to contribute. Let’s make the positives in Pattaya world-famous together. You can contribute simply by filling in this form, calling (096 265 3501), apping, lining or dropping by.


Loving regards,

Alexandra Augustijn
Initiator ‘Best of Pattaya’
Well-being architect & marketer

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